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8 Jul 2017

Why Antique Coffee Grinders Are So Great For Grinding Coffee Beans


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Posted By Brady M.

For coffee lovers, the rich smell of freshly ground coffee beans in the morning is enticing. The aroma fills the house and you can almost taste the coffee before you pour it in your cup. The delightful aroma increases as the coffee brews and you stand ready with your mug in your hand just waiting to take that first delightful sip. For coffee lovers such as this, an antique coffee grinder is a welcome kitchen appliance.

Reasons to Buy an Antique Coffee Grinder

You can buy pre-ground beans in packages or cans, but there is no comparison to the taste of the freshly ground ones. You can also buy whole beans at the grocery store and grind them there, but if the person who used the machine before you ground a different flavor of bean, then that flavor could change the flavor of the ones you choose to grind.

You also have to grind all of the beans at once, instead of grinding them as you need them. Grinding them all at once will still allow that fresh taste to come through in the first cups that you brew but the flavor may decrease with each successive cup that you make. That's why it's better to own your own coffee mill. A lot of people purchase electric coffee grinders. They work well but they make a lot of noise. There's also the chance that it may heat up the beans and take away from the great flavor.

Unlike their electric cousins, antique coffee grinders grind the beans to the proper texture with the added benefit of not overheating the beans. Another reason to own one is that they are beautiful objects, rich in history. Since they come in different styles, you can find one that will go well with whatever decor you have in your kitchen.

What Styles do They Come in?

Some antique coffee grinders mount on the wall, while others are countertop models. They are made from a variety of materials, one of which unpainted wood. These have handles that are made of cast iron and have intricate designs painted on them. There are other collectible coffee grinders, such as the Parker Nation Coffee mill. This mill was created circa 1905, in Connecticut. The beautiful bronze finish at the top sets them apart from other antique coffee mills. Another popular one was made in the 1920s, during the famous Art Deco era. Its sleek design makes it an attractive addition to any kitchen.

An antique coffee grinder is a great investment, not only for the wonderful coffee it provides but also because it's attractive and lends a sense of history to your home


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